A Few Words About Us

Flawless Med Spa is locally owned and operated for over nine years in the Downtown Orlando area. Under the direction of Dr. Betances Flawless Med Spa has become Downtown Orlando's Top Rated Spa.

We empower our clientele to feel confident and care-free in their skin providing modern medical aesthetic treatments and intimate area hair removal services in a luxurious spa setting. Always being a firm believer in introducing new advanced treatments for all skin types and tones, Flawless Med Spa is proud to offer the latest news in beautification and lifestyle.

A Fresh, New Look Can Be Yours

At Flawless Med Spa, our goal is to help our clients achieve an enhanced physical appearance for face or body. Not all of us were blessed with the body or face we wanted – but modern advances in cosmetic technology have made it possible to alter a look, creating more balanced features, ward off the signs of aging, and recontour the body, all without the need to undergo surgery. At Flawless we have focused all we do upon delivering the latest generation of treatments to help you have a fresh, rejuvenated appearance.

Lovely, Plump, Youthful Lips

Many of our clients come to us to help them achieve more alluring lips. As with any facial procedure, the care with which the treatment is performed is extremely important – you want your lips to look defined, appealing, plump, and youthful. We have gained a reputation for excellence in lip plumping and have clients who come to us from near and far to achieve that perfect look.

Your Eyes: Rejuvenate Your Face

Your eyes are the “window to your soul.” Sadly, as we age, the fine, delicate skin around the eyes is often the first area to reveal the passage of years. Many women (and men!) feel dismayed when they look in the mirror and see crow’s feet, drooping, heavy brows, wrinkles, and lines. Modern injectables can be used to restore and rejuvenate your appearance, smoothing the area so you look as young and fresh as you feel.

Look Younger, Today.

When the appearance of wrinkles and lines around your eyes and brows are reduced, it enhances your other facial features. There is truly no reason to live with the signs of aging skin – with our help, you can maintain a smoother, younger look for years. At Flawless Med Spa, we offer a full array of the most effective treatments for facial rejuvenation - the most popular of which is Botox in Orlando. Our expertise in facial treatments has led to our reputation as the premier MedSpa in Orlando.

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Owner & Licensed Esthetician

Dr. Betances



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