Permanent Makeup

Here at Flawless you will receive a Luxury Brow Service. Permanent Makeup has truly progressed in the last years, we have made sure to stay with the latest techniques and trends.

Shelly, is a Pro-Brow Artist and has been extensively trained in Permanent Makeup and Brow Shaping. Giving you tailored brows each time. We believe the ultimate goal is a Balance with your Natural Beauty and Symmetry.


OMBRÉ BROWS: This process creates a makeup-like look. The blended look begins with a soft shading at the front and becomes darker and more defined towards the tail of the brow.

MICROBLADING: This is a service that produces realistic hair-like strokes to give fuller brows. It’s the most natural-like procedure. Suitable for women with natural hair on the brows wanting to add definition.

MIXED BROWS: This procedure begins with hair strokes at front and ombré shading towards the tail. Giving a subtle makeup look.

HENNA BROWS: With this service we exfoliate your eyebrows, shape them and tint the brow hair as well as the skin underneath giving you a much fuller look. If you’re not sure you want to have your brows permanently done, contact us for a henna-brow appointment. If you love it and come back the price paid will be deducted from your full-brow appointment.

BROW LAMINATION: Is a service where the brow hairs are permed in a certain direction to give the appearance of fluffy high brows, elevating the look on the face and giving a lifting effect on the face structure.

LIP BLUSH: Is a Semi-Permanent Technique that adds Color and helps correct Hyperpigmentation leaving a soft tinting effect.

BB GLOW: Is a semi-permanent makeup where using micro-needling technique a Foundation like serum is infused in the skin. It’s a quick treatment that will let you wake up everyday with a bb cream like look. It lasts anywhere from 6-12m without touch up.

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