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Shaving, waxing, depilatory creams, IPL, and plucking all have one thing in common: they’re temporary hair removal methods. If you’ve devoted many hours of your life to hair removal and are tired of the endless routine, Candela Gentle Max laser hair removal at Flawless Med Spa in Orlando, Fl is just what you need. Call the office or use online booking for quick, comfortable, and lasting laser hair removal now.

What is Full Body laser hair removal?

We all want a neat and tidy look on the whole, but unwanted body hair has always been a big embarrassment in our way while achieving that. Apart from this, if you want to remove them by going the conventional way, you might have to put a lot of efforts in order to constantly maintain the same condition. Full body laser hair removal treatment has many advantages and can be used in all parts of the body. It works by pulsing laser wavelength technology which targets color pigments in the color follicles, efficiently preventing the re-growth of hair all over the body. The best part of laser hair treatments is, due to the melanin absorption, no damage happens to the pores nor they damage the surrounding hair follicles, thus the treatment is minimally invasive.

Which body parts can be covered under full body Laser Hair Removal?

It can treat all parts of your body. The results vary from person to person because of the different skin types and thickness of the hair depending on which you might need less or more treatment sessions than others.

You can get following body parts treated:

What are the things you should be aware of before going for Full body Laser Hair Removal?

It is good to have knowledge about the treatment you are planning to undergo. It helps you to understand it in a better way and avoid any side affects. Here is the crucial list of what you should be knowing before proceeding for the treatment:

What are the Pros and cons?

Some of the considered pros are:

It is a very much efficient process and it gives excellent results for hair reduction from body parts. It works only on the targeted area.

Treatment Areas

$25 Shaving is applied if shaving is needed




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What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is quickly becoming a popular alternative to shaving or waxing, and is often used by both men and women. There are many choices for the removal of hair, but often shaving and waxing can affect the skin, leaving rashes or tenderness. As of yet, there are no hair removal techniques that guarantee permanent eradication of the hair follicle, but laser hair removal is the most effective and longest lasting.

How Does It Work?

The procedure uses concentrated light lasers which pulse light directly at the target area using either a wand instrument or an articulated arm. The light energy can be controlled to target the specific pigment of the hair, and then converts to heat which is absorbed by the melanin found within hair. The heat damages the hair cells and the follicle, usually destroying the root and affecting the surrounding area, impeding the chances of reoccurring growth.

How Painful Is The Procedure?

There is little discomfort with laser hair removal; at most, you may feel a slight stinging sensation which is no worse than what you’d feel getting the area waxed. Generally, the treated area will feel warm, and because the treatment is fast, the sensation soon leaves. One session can take between 10 minutes and an hour, depending on the area being treated.

How Effective Is The Treatment?

The purpose of this procedure is to diminish or remove unwanted hair. The procedure will require more than one treatment (most people will need 6-12 sessions) which may produce permanent hair removal. The total number of treatments will vary between individuals. On occasion, there are patients who do not respond to treatments. After completing treatment, members may need to return one or two times a year for occasional touch-ups. Touch-ups are offered at a discounted rate for those who completed treatment at Wellness Center Beauty & Health.

The hair shaft will remain in the damaged follicle until the skin renews itself, so you may not notice the hair falling out immediately, and it may seem that the hair is still growing due to it being slowly pushed out. However, due to the weakened state of the follicle, the hair will eventually fall out, and can easily be pulled out with tweezers. Once you have started a course of treatments, you will need to continue to ensure a lack of regrowth, and after the initial course, you will need to go for ‘top ups’ every month or so, depending on individual needs.

Before And After Treatment Instructions:

How Many Treatments Are Needed?

Many people believe that they will have their unwanted hair completely removed in one session of laser hair removal. This is actually a misconception. Laser hair removal may take many as 6-8 or more sessions over a few months or even as much as a year. The number of treatments required depends on many variables. We need to take into consideration your skin tone, hair color, texture, and your tolerance to the laser treatments.

Hair Color:

If you have a lighter hair color, your will most likely require more treatments because it can be harder to target all the hair and the follicles. Lighter hair is generally finer in texture and therefore, may not all get picked up during each session. It is easier to target the follicles of darker hair.

Skin Sensitivity:

If you have sensitive skin, laser hair technicians may not be able to do their job to the best of their ability, as with each and every treatment, the laser must have the energy increased in small levels to get the more resistant hair to react better. Please speak to your technician if you are experiencing any discomfort.

Your Hair Cycle:

Most people have 6 specific cycles of hair on their bodies. Each of these hair cycles will last about 2 months from start to finish. We never know which hairs are cycling on which day, but on average, the treatment will usually catch about 60-70% of the visible hairs. Your laser hair removal treatments are usually done in repetitive treatments, approximately 6 weeks apart, to try to facilitate the hair loss as effectively as possible.

The influences of hair growth have to do with many factors; age, ethnicity, hormones, medication, metabolism, weight, and genetics all play a part in your hair’s location, thickness, and resilience. Generally, most clients will require 6-8 treatments spaced 6 weeks apart to achieve permanent reduction of their hair. In hormonally induced areas (i.e. woman’s facial area), a client usually will need upwards of 7-10 treatments. Sometimes it can be an ongoing process, as we can only help you get rid of the hair you are currently dealing with; we cannot control your propensity to grow new hair in the treatment area.

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